Homespun Homeschool Week #33

Week 33 of Homeschool: We made slime from scratch then turned it into a bouncy ball, studied more of Santa Fe’s history and drew a trip route to Santa Fe, compared the first first family’s portraits to the current first family to see what we could learn, read about Marco Polo’s Journey to China and made our own paper like the Chinese, read about pueblos then built one from qwirkle blocks, and learned about manatees!

HomespunHomeschool Week #32

Week 32 of Homeschool: We studied the history of Santa Fe and made our own New Mexico state flags, studied fractions, made an accurate American flag and read about its history, studied circuits and made our own circuit wire connector, practiced pencil shading technique, and drew spiral roses!


Homespun Homeschool Week #31

Week 31 of Homeschool: We studied halves, quarters and fourths, wrote about our trip to SALTS, learned about Freedom Songs and wrote our own, had fun with our 5 senses, learned how a guitar makes its sounds, pitches and volume, took a field trip to Sutter’s Fort and went back in time, learned about national monuments, experimented with bubbles to see how they interact, and learned how to weave on a loom!