Homespun Homeschool Week #34

Week 34 (our last week!) of Homeschool: We made wallets with duct tape, finished the last 4 lessons in our Song School Latin book, went to Fairy Tale Town to celebrate Field turning 8, started reading the 2nd Hardy Boys book, made chocolate whoopee pies, worked on our Spanish vocabulary, took pictures with our new polaroid camera, typed out an Oompa Loompa song from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, built lego creations on our lego mug, read our first sentence (Francis!), and used our 3D pen to make a 3D Garfield, house and glasses!

Homespun Homeschool Week #33

Week 33 of Homeschool: We read the Hardy Boys The Tower Treasure, created encoded messages, wrote more for our Thin Man graphic novel series, made sea slime, worked with our pattern blocks, painted abstract ocean-scapes, learned how to carry 10’s in addition, made clay sea creatures, started reading The Last Battle, practiced our drawing skills, did 2 chapters of Song School Latin, read a Lewis & Clark graphic novel, made Father’s Day cards, looked up cross-references to Jeremiah 17:7-8, swam every day, and went to an end of the year party with our wonderful Inspire teacher, Cheri Black!

Homespun Homeschool Week #32

Week 32 of Homeschool: We read “mat,” “set,” and “am” all by ourselves (Francis!), wrote a Haiku, read about Lewis & Clark starting their expedition in Missouri, created magnetic putty monsters & fed them magnets, finished reading The Silver Chair, built a stethoscope and listened to our heartbeats, made ice cream in a bag, did doctors check-ups & took x-rays, made stop motion animation videos, created our own dinosaur fossils, made plush, adorable organs for our body systems chart, and went to Sunsplash where we rode the waves, went down slides and splashed in the sun all day!

Homespun Homeschool Week #31

Week 31 of Homeschool: We made guitars with cardboard and rubber bands, learned about volcanoes & how glass is made, made a circuit with a ringing bell, went to Big Trees in Arnold to learn all about the Giant Sequoias, made paper dinosaurs, did a scavenger hunt and discovered nature everywhere, made a star-shaped potato stamp, replicated the map and legend for a Big Trees trail, created animals with thumbprint stamps, fed squirrels in Big Trees and watched one of them store an apple slice in tree bark, ate ice cream, watched old sci-fi creature classics in our own movie theatre, and swam to our hearts content!