Homespun Homeschool Week #28

Week 28 of Homeschool: We learned about Ireland and the history of Saint Patrick, studied the Mongol empire, practiced telling time and odd numbers, learned more about viruses than we ever wanted to know, finished reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and talked like pirates, colored the Irish flag and celtic knots, made a “hot air balloon” and flew it to learn about thermal heat energy, made a list of cool fake words, practiced diagramming sentences, made nifty placemats with Duct tape, constructed tall towers using craft sticks and tape, learned to paint using the watercolor technique of wet-on-wet, came up with mathematical laws that actually work, worked on spelling and reading, and saw some wild turkey at our cousins on our one outing of the week!

Homespun Homeschool Week #27

Week 27 of Homeschool: We learned the geography of south central Asia, created word wheels and used them to practice reading, worked on math stacks, drew portraits of family members, learned about the Vietnam War, diagrammed sentences, learned how to find the circumference of a circle, created original fonts, worked on Latin future perfect endings, created a Lion Witch and Wardrobe shadowbox, learned the second law of thermodynamics, worked on spelling, researched sources, brainstormed, created a key word outline and started writing our Faces of History paper about King Arthur, learned what an appositive is, played our first baseball game of the season, and made people laugh hysterically as we (Field) read our paper about a medieval time-traveling king who gets tangled up in American politics, eats McDonalds, goes to a Baby Metal concert, and discovers Picasso!

Homespun Homeschool Week #26

Week 26 of Homeschool: We learned about the Korean War, analyzed physics by building bridges then tested them for sturdiness, made shrink art for our end of the year market day sale, learned about the first law of thermodynamics and discussed the origin of life, learned how to find the area of a circle, practiced finding odd and even numbers, worked on spelling and sounding out words, looked at Latin perfect tense word endings, looked at the geography of Southeastern Asia, finished our paper about a time-traveling English king, learned what a gerund is, and listened to Beethoven, Brahms and Dvorak!



Homespun Homeschool Week #25

Week 25 of Homeschool: We worked on spelling, practiced tying shoelaces, made a list of our favorite and least favorite fonts, used peanuts-in-the-shell to count by 2’s, drew landscapes, found buried treasure in our front yard while helping Dad do yard work, started writing a story about a king from the Middle Ages who travels to the future in his throne/time machine, created an original font called “Beam Textura II,” read in “The Hobbit,” practiced adding by counting coins, reviewed all of Cycle 2 for CC so far, and won State Honors from the Certificate of Merit program for piano (Field)!