Homespun Homeschool Week #37

Week 37 of Homeschool: We created a tic-tac-toe board with Legos, wrote computer code and connected it to hardware to activate lights (Pod-Pi), cooked a Moroccan feast with crunchy Kefta rolls and Chicken Tangine then ate on the floor Moroccan-style, researched Stephen Hawking’s theories of Time Travel, finished our water park designs, rode bikes, made Martha Washington’s Ginger cookies, finished our 600-piece puzzle of the world, learned all about black holes, played a Swedish game with wooden blocks called Kubb, looked at the contrast between the gnostic/pantheistic worldview and the Christian worldview, had a Lego zoom meet-up, took apart an iPhone to see how it works, studied DNA, learned about the probability of order and life in a theory of spontaneous origins, and won a Jamba Juice card for our water park designs!


Homespun Homeschool Week #36

Week 36 of Homeschool: We looked at bacteria under the microscope, built light-up snap-circuits, added to our 600 piece puzzle of the world, did a Lego Zoom meeting, learned how to create graphs, took a walk down to the American River with friends, looked at light spectrums, made Swedish Tomte’s, used geo-boards to learn about congruent shapes, made a stop-motion movie called “The Ice Creams,” used lentils and rice to skip-count, started planning a water park, wrote about our cousin Makari, made Moroccan Orange Blossom Tea Cakes, got our Memory Master t-shirt (Field!), had Zoom meet-ups with our cousins and baked home-made apple pie for Granny’s birthday!

Homespun Homeschool Week #35

Week 35 of Homeschool: We built a ballista and launched balls, created foraged art from leaves, grass and flowers we found in our neighborhood, read in Carry on Mr. Bowditch, performed disgusting science experiments and grew bacteria from toes, ears, armpits and the bathroom floor, built snap-circuits, learned all about Sweden, built a marble-run, made a Tolkien map and coronavirus quiz, did a lego Zoom session, wrote 1 Peter 5:7 in chalk on our driveway, had friends over, pieced together the edges of a 600-piece world map puzzle, read in the Boyhood of Ranald Bannerman, performed piano for an online music showcase, worked on doubles plus 1 number facts, bonded with our bunny Henrietta, and drove our cousins’ electric car all over their property!



Homespun Homeschool Week #34

Week 34 of Homeschool: We made passion flower tea from our passion flowers, scratched-off the states we’ve been to as a family from our scratch off-map, made a “where’s Coronavirus” version of “Where’s Waldo,” did some inductive Bible study, practiced grammar by writing out the definition of a verb, types of verbs, verb attributes and verb tenses, performed a really disgusting science experiment, went on a walk in a field of yellow flowers, drew portraits, played National Number Knockout (Francis did great!), played with our new bunny Henrietta, practiced grammar by writing out the definition of a noun, noun usages and noun attributes, tested our dad’s editing skills, wrote out the principal parts fo verbs and irregular verbs, created an authentic-looking Covid-19 CC Timeline card and added it to our timeline, and had fun on Zoom calls with friends!