Homespun Homeschool Week #29

Week 29 of Homeschool: We explored hydraulics by building a mechanical claw and an elevator, found South America East on our maps, smashed geodes and discovered crystal formations inside, learned how to persuade a reader, explored mirror illusions by building a trick mirror box and mirror-flipping goggles, learned about the liberation of South America, marked key words in our Bibles, learned about types of clouds, practiced writing key signatures and learned how to find relative minor and Major keys, studied Latin 5th declension noun endings, read a book about a lighthouse and made our own, learned about the gladiators of ancient Rome, gave a presentation on coding with Scratch, learned about the parts of an orchestra and looked at orchestra seating charts, practiced writing adjectives in a silly story called “Finlandia,” listened to Peter and the Wolf and compared classical orchestral music to pop orchestral music (Bolero vs. Bittersweet Symphony), and hung eggs on our Easter tree!

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