Homespun Homeschool Week #2

Week 2 of Homeschool: We learned sentence classification, studied Latin first conjugation endings, gave a presentation on our trip to the SF Museum of 3D Illusions (Francis), learned about Barbarians coming to Britian and heard the story of Beowulf, had our first piano lesson of the semester (Field), wrote Psalm 3 on a shield and put it under our pillow to help us remember God’s promises at night, learned French greetings (tres bien!), practiced our penmanship, learned about Charlemagne, did our first IEW assignment and created 3 key word outlines and a final draft on the Middle Ages, worked on spelling and punctuation via dictation, memorized the 6 days of creation, learned the continents and oceans, skip-counted 2s, read about Joseph and made our own Joseph with a (Christmas) coat of many colors, learned the difference between sides and vertices, and went to Sunsplash Water Park!




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