Homespun Homeschool Week #7

Week 7 of Homeschool: We learned our Possessive Pronouns, wrote a key word outline for “A Door in the Wall” then used it to write our own back cover blurb, learned about Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Michelangelo and Copernicus of the Renaissance period, wrote a comic about the reign of Queen Elizabeth, studied more Latin word endings, listened to our dear friend Busbee’s songs and shared stories about the special person he was to us, learned how animals react to environmental change and discovered a bug with leaf-shaped feet in our yard, created our own beautiful versions of classic pieces of art, finished a 100 page comic book entitled “Thin Man and the Boisterous Battle of Blobby (Field), and went to the Crocker Art Museum, where we saw gorgeous pottery, looked for the special floor tile in Crocker’s mansion, and created a flower with art magnets!

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