HomespunHomeschool Week #12

Week 12 of Homeschool: We counted apple seeds and learned about halves and addition, diagrammed sentences, visited the Planetarium at Sierra College and learned about our solar system, built a modern paper art sculpture, solved puzzles with tangrams, learned about the history of Russia, looked at maps and retraced our recent travels of the Northwest, went fishing for sight words, wrote a story about a baby dragon, memorized the order of planets in our solar system, worked more on addition with doubles, learned geography of Southwest Asia, looked at Latin pluperfect tense word endings, learned about Australia and the Maori Warriors, skip-counted the squares, listened to Kanye’s new album, discussed the Christian faith and learned to play his song “Use This Gospel” on piano, learned our demonstrative pronouns, wrote about the Earl of Huntington, and created pressure in bottles and shot them into the air like rockets!

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