Homespun Homeschool Week #38

Week 38 (and 39) of Homeschool: We caught a Passiflora incarnata butterfly (and caterpillars!), finished writing a novel entitled “The Trials of Kay Oss” (Field), learned about Thai shadow puppet theatres and made our own, acquired cool free books from a book nook, performed an experiment to see how water changes land forms, finished reading Pilgrim’s Progress and watched the movie, made a coin-eating robot, dipped our feet in cool creek water, defied gravity with magnets, made a wine-cork picture frame, drew butterflies, practiced writing in Arabic, painted a little red house, read poetry while sipping tea, finished reading George MacDonald’s wonderful “The Boyhood of Ranald Bannerman,” had a piano recital (Field), and celebrated our last day of school!!!


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