Homespun Homeschool Week #8

Week 8 of Homeschool: We reviewed our Latin, skip-counted our 14s, painted cover art (commissioned by Dad) for Field’s album, learned about time zones, made as many words as we could from the word “believe,” worked on spelling and vocabulary words, learned the Latin word for door then looked at the “port” still standing at Portara, Greece, learned five more states and capitals, read some more in Helen Keller’s autobiography, wrote a paper about Washington, learned about some parts of the excretory system, read about Darwin’s theory of evolution, natural selection, and the practice of good science, learned forms of the verb “to raise,” started a club and wrote its laws based on the United States Constitution, looked at fractions and patterns, learned about Picasso and created abstract representations of people, worked on translating John 1 into Latin, put together half of the historical timeline, learned about the Monroe Doctrine, created Mad Libs from our paper about Ben Franklin, learned about Vermont, and practiced drawing all 50 states free hand!

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