Homespun Homeschool Week #16

Week 16 of Homeschool: We created Venn Diagrams, learned our liquid equivalents, drew portraits of Mom & Dad (Francis), learned about the 14th Amendment and Jim Crow laws, translated John 1:1 into Latin, wrote a zine called “The Pre-Teen Examiner” (Field), built a parabolic microphone and listened to quiet sounds amplified, practiced adding with coins, wrote a fictional short story about the Underground Railroad, read in the McGuffy Reader, listened to the original “Jumpin’ Jim Crow” song and discussed, created art with diamond dots, read 2 tall tales by Davy Crockett, added and subtracted by 10’s, learned how to find the atomic number of an atom, listened to Romantic Classical composers and read about their compositions in Classical Music for Dummies, reviewed the history of the Reconstruction of the Southern States and the Civil Rights Movement, found the Western Mountains of the United States, looked at verb tenses, diagrammed sentences, practiced adding up bills of sale using running sums, practiced spelling, and resumed meeting with our Classical Conversations group!

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