Homespun Homeschool Week #1

Week 1 (year 6!) of Homeschool: We opened our schule tutes in celebration of our first day of school, learned the 5 Latin noun cases, grew mold, learned the classifications of living things and classified our shoes, read in Legends and Leagues about the geography of the far East and found the easternmost part of our house, looked at prepositions, started keeping a journal (Francis), built a simple morse code machine, reviewed sentence classification, learned a new hymn and played it on tin whistle, practiced drawing and shading, looked at commandments 1 through 5, started writing our first paper of the year (Field), learned about ancient Israel, made a Philippine Tubbataha Reef, learned about synonyms and antonyms and started keeping a vocabulary journal (Francis), reviewed the color wheel and painted using color families and complimentary colors, built a mini foos-ball table, and met with our charter teacher and Classical Conversations community!

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