Homespun Homeschool Week #25

Week 25 of Homeschool: We built an Ames Room and watched pennies shrink, wrote an original short novel (Field) and Illustrated the cover (Francis), learned about the Anasazi and reminisced about our trip to Bandelier National Park, listened to Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man and learned how to play it on piano and drums, learned about ocean zones and handmade soap with fish in each layer, wrote the three body paragraphs for our Faces of History paper and cited all the sources in our Bibliography, learned how to find the area of a circle, played parts-of-a-sentence Bingo, painted a tropical scene with watercolor, learned latin 3rd Declension Noun Endings, practiced writing singular and plural possessive nouns, and wrote our first Essentials paper, pre-Essentials (Francis couldn’t wait!)!

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