Homespun Homeschool Week #26

Week 26 of Homeschool: We analyzed rocks for streaks, hardness and magnetism, shaded a landscape with color using acrylic paint (Francis), wrote our first Essentials paper using a key word outline, learned about the different layers in the atmosphere, wrote the Bibliography for our Faces of History paper, started growing crystals, learned about the exploration of Canada, designed text on glassware, journaled about our time in Lake Tahoe, learned about the 5 major circles of latitude, made a replica of Bilbo’s sword “Sting,” worked on reading comprehension, learned the Associative Laws for addition and multiplication, read from the Cooper Kids book series, worked on Latin, designed a CD cover for our original music (Field), read Aesop’s Fables, and welcomed 5 baby bunnies into the world!

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