Homespun Homeschool Week #32

Week 32 of Homeschool: We learned about England and made our own family crest, worked on division and multiplication, wrote letters to our current selves from our future selves, practiced drawing, learned about Africa and made our own working binoculars, continued reading in The Cooper Kids series, went to the California State Railroad Museum, had our last day of school, won the Farm League Little League Championships (congratulations Francis!), Played piano at our end of the year recital at Jessup University (congratulations Field!), and went to the Sacramento Zoo with our cousins where we saw lions, meerkats, and fed the giraffe!

Homespun Homeschool Week #31

Week 31 of Homeschool: We built an air-pressure chamber and learned about the weight of air, made domino sugar cookies and played (delicious) math games with them, studied John chapter 1 inductively, played baseball, built pixelated Super Mario icons from scratch, read all about Citrus Heights then visited our city’s landmarks, worked on division and multiplication, started a new Cooper Kids book, baked more cookies for the church bake sale to raise money to build homes in Mexico, and went to SeaQuest in Folsom where we fed Iguanas, bunnies and parakeets, and pet tortoises and stingrays!

Homespun Homeschool Week #30

Week 30 of Homeschool: We immersed ourselves in all things Titanic, made a glow-in-the-dark stick with chemicals from scratch, coded our own video game and played it, learned how to estimate, finished reading the complete book of Frog and Toad stories aloud to Mom (Francis), learned all about the Kirtland Warbler and its endangered habitat then painted Warbler watercolors, worked on spelling, practiced writing the basic components of music, worked on division, looked more closely at theories of originals fossil records, practiced piano and drums, played baseball (Francis), and jumped to our heart’s content at the trampoline park with friends!

Homespun Homeschool Week #29

Week 29 of Homeschool: We learned all about North and South Carolina, made bubble maps of our favorite places (home and Arnold), memorized our rights from the Bill of Rights, worked on memorizing Joshua 1:9, played baseball and got some hits (Francis!), performed piano pieces (including originals) for the end of the year Classical Conversations party, memorized the U.S. Presidents, received a Memory Master certificate from last year (Field), and sold Shrinky Dink kits, Field’s original album “Eddy’s Arcade,” and Francis’ original comic strip at the Classical Conversations end of the year market fair!

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Homespun Homeschool Week #28

Week 28 of Homeschool: We presented our Faces Of History final paper entitled “Alexander Hamilton: Constitutional Warrior” dressed as Hamilton, looked at seven sentence patterns, made a spin art machine, learned about natural selection, made set-lists for Field’s piano playing at our Classical Conversations end of the year party, memorized the Bill of Rights, translated the remainder of John 1:7 into Latin, looked at the Identity Law for addition and multiplication, learned parts of the body in Latin, located more prominent features of the United States, and read Images of America: Citrus Heights, and explored our town!

Homespun Homeschool Week #27

Week 27 of Homeschool: We learned about the persistence of salmon swimming upstream, went on nature scavenger hunts, translated John 1:7 into Latin, made our own fossils (we discovered a Mariosaurus!), located some prominent features of the United States, memorized the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, built a top-spinning launcher, learned Latin words for our favorite animals, studied measurements by drawing line-segments, learned all about Guatemala and made some traditional Guatemalan dolls, looked at some ways earth’s history is preserved, learned the four basic sentence structures, practiced the Distributive Law for math, and went to the trampoline park with our Classical Conversations Community!

Homespun Homeschool Week #26

Week 26 of Homeschool: We located all 50 states on a puzzle as we assembled it, practiced addition, learned about September 11, 2001, finished building our homemade computer, practiced the Commutative Law for addition and multiplication, learned about probability with pancakes and blueberries, researched the theory of intelligent design, worked on music theory, built and dismantled compound words, celebrated Easter weekend and the resurrection of Christ, went to an escape room, worked on or final paper of the year about Alexander Hamilton, and went to sports camp with our Classical Conversations Community!

Homespun Homeschool Week #25

Week 25 of Homeschool: We practiced the Associative Law for addition and multiplication, read about the wonders of sea life and built a 3-D shark, learned about subordinate clauses, earned state honors for piano from the California Music Teachers Association and got 100% on our theory test (Field), learned about probability by making a pizza menu, researched failed Atari games of the past, learned about the theory of evolution, located Native American regions, translated John 1:6 into Latin, diagrammed sentences, reviewed durations of notes and note rhythms, learned about astronauts first walk on the moon, started drum lessons (Francis), and went to Skatetown with our Classical Conversations community!

Homespun Homeschool Week #24

Week 24 of Homeschool: We researched Alexander Hamilton for our paper and watched the musical, translated more of John 1 into Latin, learned about Brown versus the Board of Education, created a chemical reaction to launch a coke bottle, learned about independent clauses, located the canals of the Eastern United States, learned all about South Dakota, practiced spelling, learned how to read temperature on a thermometer, read in our Frank E. Peretti book series for kids, diagrammed sentences, learned the circumference of a circle, made clay stop-motion Shaun the Sheep figures, and went to Skatetown and roller skated with friends!

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Homespun Homeschool Week #23

Week 23 of Homeschool: We learned about probability using coins, contrasted capitalism and communism, learned how clauses function in sentences, translated John 1:5 into Latin, learned the difference between an acid and a base, diagrammed sentences, read Frog and Toad stories, learned the symbolic meaning of the white picket fence and painted a representation of it, wrote secret messages using acids and bases, learned about the forming of NATO, played math card games, practiced writing compound words, found the major trails of the U.S. on a map, went to Little League practice, brought artistic vision into reality via photos and drawings, and looked at the full moon through our new telescope, and marveled at its beauty!