Homespun Homeschool Week #19

Week 19 of Homespun Homeschool: We learned about Van Gogh and painted cherry blossoms using his color scheme, started running on a track team, practiced penmanship, drew a map of the world and continents, practiced spelling, gave a class presentation on our Iron Man glove, learned about the United Nations and the League of Nations, worked on drawing a map of the Central World from memory, learned about the First Law of Thermodynamics, wrote a persuasive essay based on the book The Door in The Wall, studied quadrilaterals and triangles, diagrammed sentences, practiced drawing the parts of a heart from memory, and built a lighted shadow box!

Homespun Homeschool Week #18

Week 18 of Homespun Homeschool: We continued practicing drawing maps of the world from memory, did a math investigation into circumference and diameter, worked on sentence diagramming, practiced writing prefixes, attended Forest School where we worked on building forts, continued practicing drawing the respiratory system from memory, worked on our Faces of History paper about Leonardo Da Vinci, heard a lecture from a native Filipino and ate a traditional Filipino food for lunch, built a model for one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s catapults, built a mechanical soap dispenser, started creating a tri-fold board to present with our Da Vinci paper, and attended our first day at our new South Carolina Classical Conversations community, celebrating with ice cream after school at Pink Mama’s!

Homespun Homeschool Week #17

Week 17 of Homespun Homeschool: We practiced drawing the respiratory system from memory, built a magnetic sand-sculpting machine, learned about chickens and how to care for them, recited chart A for Essentials from memory, worked on sentence diagramming, reviewed SPIDO PONA, read in a Gathering of Days, worked on our acrylic painting skills, read an adaptation of Pilgrim’s Progress and attended Forest School where the kids got to “free-range” for hours!

Homespun Homeschool Week #16

Week 16 of Homespun Homeschool: We learned about Newton’s First Law of Motion, studied Monet and painted in his style, diagrammed sentences, practiced drawing Western, Southern and Central Europe from memory, received goodbye gifts from our CC classes (so sad!), worked on colored pencil technique, started memorizing the parts of the respiratory system, wrote a paper on the Noble Knighthood, reviewed PEMDAS, reviewed the parts of speech, and presented our Science Fair Project to the judges and our Classical Conversations community!

Homespun Homeschool Week #15

Week 15 of Homespun Homeschool: We diagrammed sentences, wrote a persuasive essay based on the book Amos Fortune, Free Man, worked on watercolor technique and visited our online art teacher in person, took our Blue Book exam, gave a presentation on our Lego trainset, worked on Latin declensions, wrote a paper about Europe’s cathedrals, practiced drawing a map of the Western Hemisphere and Europe, researched how creation points to the Creator, worked on Fraction-Decimal-Percent Equivalents, worked on alliterations, rhyme and synonyms, and practiced presenting our Science Fair Project!

Homespun Homeschool Week #14

Week 14 of Homespun Homeschool: We learned about stars and constellations and made our own, practiced pencil portrait drawing skills, ran Cymatics experiments using sound waves and salt to form patterns, learned about the states of matter, worked on metric conversions, wrote a fictional story about Alla-Aldin of Arabia and used tons of alliterations, created a presentation board for our Cymatics Science Fair Project, gave a presentation on our Hobbit Lego set, worked on Latin, practiced drawing Western Asia from memory, worked on penmanship, practiced using prefixes and performed a tin whistle piece for our homeschool community!

Homespun Homeschool Week #13

Week 13 of Homespun Homeschool: We worked on sentence diagramming, carved pumpkins, reviewed Latin conjugation endings, worked on our acrylic paint technique, learned the phases of the moon, reviewed Indefinite Pronouns, learned about the French Revolution, chose an experiment for our Science Fair Project and did background research, skip-counted squares and cubes, and had a blast playing group games in our Essentials and Challenge A classes!

Homespun Homeschool Week #12

Week 12 of Homespun Homeschool: We wrote an ANI chart for Number The Stars, practiced sentence diagramming, learned about the history of Russia, practiced methods for consistency in science experiments, gave a presentation on our Star Wars LEGO advent calendar, performed air pressure experiments with rockets, learned the geography of the Caribbean Islands, played with idioms, learned the names of the planets, looked at demonstrative pronouns, reviewed all our Latin Vocab thus far this year, and played fun review games for a rotating review with out Classical Conversations Community!

Homespun Homeschool Week #11

Week 11 of Homespun Homeschool: We learned some parts of the sun, drew a map of Europe from memory, wrote a paper about Alfred the Great, worked on vocab, practiced skip-counting, learned Interrogative Pronouns, practiced colored pencil drawing technique, worked on memorizing all 3 cycles of Latin, practiced sentence diagramming, and went to see the VanGogh Immersive Experience Exhibit!

Homespun Homeschool Week #10

Week 10 of Homespun Homeschool: We wrote a research paper with bibliography about the Rabbit, continued working on sentence diagramming, drew a map of Northern Europe from memory, met with fellow music students at Jessup University for a group lesson, started an ANI chart for Number the Stars, went to a Swedish Festival, worked on the Grand Staff and note names, gave a presentation on Legos, read aloud our paper on Vikings from last week, worked on colored pencil technique, wrote grammar charts, and went on a field trip to Bishops Pumpkin Farm!