Homespun Homeschool Week #13

Week 13 of Homeschool: We colored by number, learned our Liquid Equivalents, created original computer coding (Field all by himself!), studied the basic elements of shape, practiced Spanish numbers, studied the irregular verb “to beat” with a magnet-match game, learned the U.S. Western Mountains, read about the Civil War, Segregation and Civil Rights, and learned about the 14th Amendment, worked on letter recognition and letter writing, learned about the Atomic Number and it’s relationship to the Periodic Table, worked on our doubles-plus-one facts, learned the Latin translation for John 1:1, played the Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game, studied a Psalm and learned about earthly vs. eternal riches and saw Paddington 2 and started reading our Paddington box set!

Homespun Homeschool Week #12

Week 12 of Homeschool: We learned teaspoon and Tablespoon measurements, completed our life-size anatomy posters, learned about Robert E. Lee’s surrender, studied typing positions and drew our own keyboard, learned the major purposes of blood, made a Thanksgiving diorama, learned where the Southern features of the Appalachian mountains are, wrote about Mary Berry’s Swiss Roll then made it (and ate it!), learned the Latin translation for John 1:1, and performed the Timeline Song up to Jesus with our Classical Conversations friends!

Homespun Homeschool Week #11

Week 11 of Homeschool: We counted cubes up to 10, painted the Birth of Venus, colored the letters in our names to create patterns, learned about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, studied the endocrine system, learned where the Appalachian Mountain ranges of New England are, listened to Alfred Lord Tennyson and Robert Frost read their poetry, learned new Spanish words, learned new Latin words, wrote our own poetry and practiced rhyming, colored by number and drew a self-portrait, and went to Lake Tahoe and played in the snow!

Homespun Homeschool Week #10

Week 10 of Homeschool: We learned square numbers up to 15, studied President Polk and the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, wrote a poem for our Classical Conversations class presentation, studied the respiratory system, created a soundtrack list for one of our original short stories, studied Psalm 48, made sugar cookies with apple-spiced frosting, studied participle usage, learned the capitals for Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, and practiced drawing Charlie Brown!

Homespun Homeschool Week #9

Week 9 of Homeschool: We skip counted 15’s, learned about the Compromise of 1850, studied the four parts of the lymph system, learned the capitals of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California and Hawaii, acted out John 1:9, studied the participle “to lay,” learned new Spanish words, studied Psalm 47 and discovered it’s theme, did pattern block work, listened to the music of Dave Brubeck, studied real bugs up close, learned new Latin words, decorated for Arts Night and visited the Roseville sculpture garden!


Homespun Homeschool Week #8

Week 8 of Homeschool: We learned about the Missouri Compromise, skip counted our 14’s, used our knowledge of patterns and color to create beautiful fall leaves, learned about the notes of the treble clef with our CC friends, studied John 1:8, learned new Latin words, studied 6 parts of the circulatory system, learned how to play Colorku with our awesome Inspire teacher (sudoku with colors), worked on playing our tin whistles, learned the capitals of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico, wrote and performed a song for our CC family presentation and started a stamp collection!

Homespun Homeschool Week #7

Week 7 of Homeschool: We “adopted” trees in our neighborhood to check on and take care of, studied the excretory system, learned the capitals of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska, grew crystals on paper dinosaurs, learned about Napoleon in Russia, the War of 1812 and the Monroe Doctrine, saw the Lion King Jr. live on stage, practiced our upper and lower-case letters, wrote a story about a time-traveling closet, practiced skip counting 13’s, played Body Bingo and practiced our knowledge of the body, listened to our heart beats with our Auntie/Nurse and her stethoscope, practiced cursive handwriting, and listened to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (like a million times)!

Homespun Homeschool Week #6

Week 6 of Homeschool: We learned about the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark, practiced skip-counting 11’s & 12’s, learned the capitols of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas, made our own covered wagon for pioneering out West, learned about the digestive system, went on a field trip to Bishops Pumpkin Farm and got to take a hay ride and pick our own pumpkins, practiced cursive and letter recognition, studied John 1:6, learned the irregular verb “to do,” cut out leaves and made fall trees, captured and observed a friendly stinkbug and made a giant pumpkin cookie!

Homespun Homeschool Week #5

Week 5 of Homeschool: We skip-counted 9’s and 10’s and made flip-books, studied the life and times of George Washington, learned about the 5 senses and made booklets, performed an experiment to see how epidermal cells are rubbed off, studied John 1:5 and looked up key words in Greek, learned the capitals of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, studied the irregular verb “to be,” practiced perspective by using a vanishing point, read Peach Pit Popularity, practiced cursive and learning letters, learned the Latin words for brother, sister, father and mother and wrote about the printing press!

Homespun Homeschool Week #4

Week 4 of Homeschool: We skip counted 7’s and 8’s, performed an experiment to measure our lung capacity, visited Machado Orchards in Auburn, and learned about fruit and how it is processed (even into pies!), learned all about the brain and made brain hemisphere hats, made life-size human bodies and added body parts, learned about the Declaration of Independence and made replicas, studied the 3 parts of the nervous system, studied participle parts, wrote more about our trip to Santa Fe, studied Latin verbs and learned a Latin song about family members, made abstract art using color quadrants, learned about Florida and prayed for the people affected by the hurricane, and wrote thank you cards for Francis’ birthday!