Homespun Homeschool Week #25

Week 25 of Homeschool: We practiced the Associative Law for addition and multiplication, read about the wonders of sea life and built a 3-D shark, learned about subordinate clauses, earned state honors for piano from the California Music Teachers Association and got 100% on our theory test (Field), learned about probability by making a pizza menu, researched failed Atari games of the past, learned about the theory of evolution, located Native American regions, translated John 1:6 into Latin, diagrammed sentences, reviewed durations of notes and note rhythms, learned about astronauts first walk on the moon, started drum lessons (Francis), and went to Skatetown with our Classical Conversations community!

Homespun Homeschool Week #24

Week 24 of Homeschool: We researched Alexander Hamilton for our paper and watched the musical, translated more of John 1 into Latin, learned about Brown versus the Board of Education, created a chemical reaction to launch a coke bottle, learned about independent clauses, located the canals of the Eastern United States, learned all about South Dakota, practiced spelling, learned how to read temperature on a thermometer, read in our Frank E. Peretti book series for kids, diagrammed sentences, learned the circumference of a circle, made clay stop-motion Shaun the Sheep figures, and went to Skatetown and roller skated with friends!

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Homespun Homeschool Week #23

Week 23 of Homeschool: We learned about probability using coins, contrasted capitalism and communism, learned how clauses function in sentences, translated John 1:5 into Latin, learned the difference between an acid and a base, diagrammed sentences, read Frog and Toad stories, learned the symbolic meaning of the white picket fence and painted a representation of it, wrote secret messages using acids and bases, learned about the forming of NATO, played math card games, practiced writing compound words, found the major trails of the U.S. on a map, went to Little League practice, brought artistic vision into reality via photos and drawings, and looked at the full moon through our new telescope, and marveled at its beauty!

Homespun Homeschool Week #22

Week 22 of Homeschool: We wrote a paper about the American Flag (Field), made all kinds of puppets and learned about puppets from various cultures (Italy was our favorite!), worked on word roots and endings, built a treasure chest and learned about map-making, reviewed Latin word endings, finished book one in the Frank Peretti children’s adventure series, learned about dozens, reviewed Latin word endings and learned new Latin words, added money using dimes, nickels and pennies, wrote out John 1:1, learned how to splice wires together, and went mushroom-hunting with our cousins!

Homespun Homeschool Week #21

Week 21 of Homeschool: We learned about surface tension with wood and wire, translated John 1:5 Latin to English, learned all about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, performed piano for the Certificate of Merit (Field), edited tons of sentences, learned the third four elements in the periodic table, studied the difference between real and fools gold, received prayer from our amazing Essentials teacher Mrs. Hyun, learned the area of a triangle, worked on spelling, read Frog and Toad stories to mom (Francis), learned what a predicate is, wrote code to create am .html page of the Beatitudes, and did a cupcake walk to classical music with our Classical Conversations community!

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Homespun Homeschool Week #20

Week 20 of Homeschool: We looked at crystals under the microscope, started researching our Faces of History paper on Alexander Hamilton, learned about the Spanish Flu and its correlations to Covid-19, collected specimens from our neighborhood and drew illustrations, worked on sentence parts, learned about the Women’s Suffrage movement, wrote a paper about future dreams (Field), learned the second four elements in the periodic table, diagrammed sentences, translated John 1:4 Latin into English, worked on telling time, learned the area of a square, looked at congruent shapes, played fun games with our HST from Inspire Charter School, made Valentines for our Classical Conversations group, and went to our little league baseball try-outs!

Homespun Homechool Week #19

Week 19 of Homeschool: We created gas to inflate balloons, learned the first four elements of the periodic table, built a hydraulic wheel, learned about World War 1, made a guitar with rubber bands, performed an experiment to see the power of bubbles, played cool math games, drew lines of symmetry, added historical events to our timeline, learned about the state of California, experimented with oil and water to see if they mix, learned how to find the area of a rectangle, read about the Spanish Flu and compared it to the Covid 19 epidemic, translated John 1:3 into Latin, made Valentines cards for the elderly and friends, added endings to root words, and practiced piano for the Certificate of Merit program!

Homespun Homeschool Week #18

Week 18 of Homeschool: We read Mr. Lincoln’s Drummer, practiced the Latin translation for John 1:1-7, Read The New Colossus poem from the Statue of Liberty, listened to interviews with immigrants who came to America through Ellis Island, found the Great Lakes on our maps, learned amazing and interesting facts about atoms, read American tall tales by Davy Crockett and practiced drawing the catamount in one of his stories, wrote a paper about the Transcontinental Railroad, looked at snow under a microscope, learned Metric Measurements, created cardioids with math, listened to Debussy’s “La Mer” and imagined ourselves in a boat at sea, learned about density by making an egg float in salt water, added endings to root words, practiced diagramming sentences, and completed the 100 Day Lego Challenge and won an Amazon gift card!

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Homespun Homeschool Week #17

Week 17 of Homeschool: We worked on running sums, learned about Alexander Graham Bell and made a telephone with cups and string, learned about Tycoons of the late 1800’s and their connection to modern day monopolies, learned about elements on the periodic table, located the Northwest U.S. Mountains, pulverized cereal to find iron, wrote the first issue of The Oklahoma Bee (“founded yesterday”), read passages about the Tree of Life in the Old and New Testaments, performed experiments with water, paper, cups and marbles to learn about matter, changed the structure and purpose of sentences, made a short silent film, learned Linear Equivalents, translated John 1:2 into Latin, learned about Tchaikovsky and listened to his final composition, researched Texas, worked on spelling, diagrammed sentences, and practiced for our Piano Preparatory test!

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Homespun Homeschool Week #16

Week 16 of Homeschool: We created Venn Diagrams, learned our liquid equivalents, drew portraits of Mom & Dad (Francis), learned about the 14th Amendment and Jim Crow laws, translated John 1:1 into Latin, wrote a zine called “The Pre-Teen Examiner” (Field), built a parabolic microphone and listened to quiet sounds amplified, practiced adding with coins, wrote a fictional short story about the Underground Railroad, read in the McGuffy Reader, listened to the original “Jumpin’ Jim Crow” song and discussed, created art with diamond dots, read 2 tall tales by Davy Crockett, added and subtracted by 10’s, learned how to find the atomic number of an atom, listened to Romantic Classical composers and read about their compositions in Classical Music for Dummies, reviewed the history of the Reconstruction of the Southern States and the Civil Rights Movement, found the Western Mountains of the United States, looked at verb tenses, diagrammed sentences, practiced adding up bills of sale using running sums, practiced spelling, and resumed meeting with our Classical Conversations group!